Our Gatherings


Our "Family Gatherings" are a place for us to grow in our love for the Word and prayer, and have close fellowship with believers.
These gatherings will always include two ingredients: 
1. A Meal – Meals wordlessly communicate “family”, and “mission.” Jesus often demonstrated His family and mission by eating meals with disciples and outsiders.
2. A low-barrier Bible study – Just as the meal communicates family and mission, so does the Bible study. By “low-barrier” we mean that a person doesn’t need to know anything about Bible or theology to participate in the conversation. Hopefully, some unbelieving friends will be included.

We meet in a home bi-weekly, so check our calendar for dates, and please use the "contact us" option, or call 314-884-0373 for the address. 


The Sunday Worship Gathering is necessary to bring together all of the believers as one body to worship together, because God did not create us to "do church" alone.  We are a "family integrated church", meaning we believe in the whole family attending Sunday worship services together.  Therefore, child care is not provided. However, we do have a nursery room available to use for feeding, diaper changing, or just to calm a fussy little one. 

On Sundays, beeginning at 9:00am we serve coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Worship Service begins at 9:30am.


We believe that the Christian community is the most influential argument for the Christian faith. Here, people are invited to belong before they believe. Community is essential to our mission. We go to places our unbelieving friends already go, and do things they already do. If we want to make disciples, we need to make intentional space in our lives together to be around those who don’t know Jesus!